Early diagnosis can save lives.

The success in treating the disease depends on the early diagnosis of those diseases. Therefore, the need for systematic and accurate tools to diagnose heart disease early to determine patients at high risk is vital and inevitable.

 Preventive measures are carried out on three levels: 

  •  Primary prevention focuses on healthy people and how to reduce the risk factors that can lead to the disease. 
  • Secondary prevention focuses on risk factors and early diagnosis of the patient to increase the success of the treatment process. 
  • Lately, prevention focuses on patient treatment and control of risk factors.

Risk assessment and anomaly detection of cardiac diseases using AI and machine learning

Health care activities are shifting towards home care because, in this way, they have a better chance of managing chronic diseases, controlling the costs of health services, and increasing the quality of life and health services.

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Mobile health monitoring devices for patients show a high potential to help such patients cope with health care costs without visiting a doctor.

Our technology has potential benefits for both the patient and the physician. Physicians can do their priority by saving time spent advising patients with chronic diseases. Also, patients can stay at home without needing a long-distance doctor's visit, especially if they live in a place farther away from the doctor's office.

Ultimately, it is possible to predict and thus prevent severe complications of diseases. So, it is possible to provide health services in all places with access to mobile communication systems.

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